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Шестикратну переможницю "Міс Бікіні" вмовили зняти купальник – опубліковано відео

Американська фітнес-модель Джанна Бреслін, яка є шестиразовою переможницею конкурсу "Міс Бікіні", роздягнулася для журналу Maxim.

29-річна дівчина чотири рази з'являлася на обкладинках відомих журналів, таких як Maxim, Max Sports, Fitness Magazine і Train For Her, а також стала головною героїнею на короткому відео для рубрики Whiskey Creative.

Джанна Бреслін

Джанна Бреслін

Бреслін ще в старшій школі почала активно захоплюватися спортом. Вона займалася футболом, бігом та іншими дисциплінами, але фітнесом в той час не цікавилася. Її шлях у цій сфері розпочався лише в 2008 році із занять у тренажерному залі. Старанні тренування допомогли їй досягнути визнання та стати особистим тренером, дієтологом і фахівцем із здорового способу життя.

🧬 Can you see past your shell? You may see skin. I see trillions of cells caring for us everyday , keeping us alive, working with and for us. I see a perfectly balanced system that handles stress , juggles emotions, fights off sickness all while keeping us breathing while we sleep . Our body should be cared for in the way that it cares for us . I love this body because it loves me. It's doing it's best just like I'm doing my best . It's working hard because I work hard. To some, this shell is all that's seen; a body or a face with no depth. It's been labeled, judged, criticized, gawked over, told it's disgusting. It's been told it has too much muscle , not enough muscle, too lean, not lean enough. To those who only see a shell, the exterior will always be imperfect. But, to those who see deeper, there is true perfection in all of us. This body, this shell is the tool which allows me to live this beautiful life , and what the shell contains is what connects us all . We are all complex humans that have goals, desires, feelings, emotions, wants, passions, dreams. We have all been pushed, fallen, gotten back up only to be pushed again. Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the collection of cells and small bits of vibrational energy that make up these bodies are the things that fight with and for us during every step of our journey . My vision extends past the shell to the person underneath where true beauty lies , which is why I can say I love this body in every condition and on the deepest most internal layer someone can . I hope you see and love "you" too 🌿 @lifetothemaxpodcast

Публікація від Janna Breslin 🌎 San Diego, CA (@jannabreslin)

Pursuing wholeness & truth instead of perfection.⁣ ⁣ We are all unique in our own way , while so many still chase something other than themselves for the wrong reasons . To fit in. To be like everyone else. To be accepted and liked. Ultimately not feeling fulfilled or "true" to themselves.⁣ ⁣ People who live their truth ... their correct & authentic path. It's a beautiful and inspiring thing.⁣ ⁣ Your story , beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and identity are allowed to change. And YOU are allowed to change.⁣ ⁣ & You owe yourself the freedom to change as often , as widely as you'd like. It's what we are here to do.⁣ ⁣ Change . Shift. Grow. Move. Expand. Undo. Redo. Transform. Live it real, live it raw. Live your authentic and ever changing path. @jpatrickphoto

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