Russian troops move by inertia, they don’t realize being already dead, – Arestovych

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Russian troops move by inertia, they don’t realize being already dead, – Arestovych

Oleksiy Arestovych, Adviser to the Head of Office of the President of Ukraine, believes Russian troops to be already moving by inertia, not realizing they’re already died. According to him, Russia will still try to call up reservists, to scrape together troops in the Caucasus and send them to Ukraine, but with no combat coordination owing to lack of time.

We’ll see some kind of attempts to "storm Kyiv", to "cut off" Kharkiv and Sumy, to surround Mikolaiv, but all the attempts are just an inertia. Arestovych wrote this message on his Facebook page.

"They’re still moving by inertia of the orders, but only complete idiots can try to surround four large urban agglomerations (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Mikolaiv) with 200 thousand soldiers, set up around the 500 km territory, at once", the message reads.

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According to Arestovych, the only chance for the Russians not to become a Napoleon's army, completely lost in the fields, is to immediately step out of Mikolaiv across the Dnipro river and try to hold the riverbank up to Energodar inclusive. To withdraw troops from Kyiv region to Chernyhiv and Sumy regions, go back from Kharkiv, into defense towards the north of the city, along the border. To take a defensive position in the JFO zone .

"To bargain for what they’ve managed to seize while searching for a way to get out of Ukraine with saving some face at least. But the problem is that this option won’t help them either", he said.

As Arestovych says, the Russian trops are already going by inertia, not realizing they’re already dead.

"That they are already whirled by whirlwinds, marred, lost - and eaten by our steppes and gullies, our Mavkas and Solokhas, our molfars and vovkulaks, our Patsyuks and witchers, crooks and ghosts. That this very land has rebelled against them and the very laws of probability have turned their back on them. The Russian army in Ukraine is dead. The idiots stretched their forces, trying to grab as much as possible. As a result they can neither retreat nor attack. They’ve found their end here. The terrible, devastating, shameful end. The end which is able to make the history itself shudder", he said.

At the same time, Arestovych noted that the Ukrainians "will still have to shoot. There still will be some fear, some movement forward, some threat for Kyiv, more air and missile strikes, and there will still be our fallen people".

"But all this zombie offensive is the inertia of the army of the dead. But we are alive. And we’re fighting for living people. Everything will be Ukraine", he summed up.