Help us to resist Russian aggression more effectively

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Help us to resist Russian aggression more effectively

We've been standing at the forefront of the information war and repelling attacks by the Russian propaganda machine around the clock – since February 24, from the first hours of the insidious invasion of Putin's troops into the territory of independent sovereign Ukraine.

Our journalists and news editors work 24 hours a day to help Ukraine and supply you with up-to-date information on the course of hostilities – quickly, honestly and objectively.

We'll keep doing it despite everything as we do believe in our army, in our state and our people.

Due to the Russian invasion, OBOZREVATEL has currently lost its only source of funding – the advertising revenue. Our team works on just enthusiasm and the belief that the truth is the strongest weapon. However, we, like all Ukrainians, need a livelihood.

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How to help Ukraine and OBOZREVATEL now: ways

- follow the link and select the amount of the voluntary contribution,

- money to help Ukraine can be transferred in any convenient way of payment – Google Pay, Apple Pay, the card, Privat24, a QR-code.

We're doing everything we can to refute numerous fakes Russia creates in order to undermine the faith of Ukrainians in its army and in Ukraine's inevitable victory over the aggressor. And we do it well.

If you consider our work to be important and necessary, you can help us, Ukrainians, to keep the information front. And support the editorial UA staff financially.

Together we'll win. And the victory is very close!