Фитнес-модель доказала, что вес "это лишь цифра": фото "до" и "после"

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Британская мама Никки Рис решила доказать, что вес - это всего лишь цифра на весах, которая не влияет на внешний вид. 

Невероятные трансформации своего тела, она опубликовала в Instagram. 

Ее фотография, на которой она показывает свою фигуру в одном и том же весе, но с разным результатом от занятий спорта, стала вирусной. На ее страницу в Instagram подписалось более 250 тыс. фоловеров, которых вдохновила история Никки. 


I think my two year old daughter screamed at me 98% of today. . . To say today was a bad day in the life of a #toddlermom was an understatement... and I nearly completely lost my sh** a total number of 12 times. I will go as far as to say, working out (I actually did it twice) saved me today. . . Sometimes... life is wonderful and fitness is all about Instagram transformations and feeling amazing inside and out. . ...other times fitness is the only thing you have left.. it's the only thing that's yours ...and yours alone. It's not the number on the scale or the inches lost or gained ...it's 30 selfish minutes of venting frustration and drowning out the mini human hysterics that you've spent 7 hours on and off the frigging naughty step, trying to decipher what on earth is wrong ...only to discover NOTHING AT ALL IS WRONG SHE JUST WANTS TO SCREAM. . . Fitness didn't just save me today ... I'm pretty sure it saved moo from her stressed out mother. I'm not proud to say that but that's how it felt. Not the upbeat #transformationtuesday post I was hoping for but ENTIRELY ACCURATE. #terribletwos #ihateyou #pleaseturn3. . . . #mumlife #beforeandafter #fitnessblogger #femalemotivation #fitmum #bbgmums #instamama #musclegain #vscocam #toddlersofinstagram #fitspo #bbgover30 #kaylaitsines #bbgprogress #bbgtransformation #homefitness

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На другом фото девушка показала себя в 26 лет и в 36. На первой фотографии она еще активно не занималась спортом и весила 54 килограмма. На второй фото, при весе 63 кг, она показала подтянутое рельефное тело. 

"Я больше ем тортики, чем нет...Я все еще пью Просекко и ворую вредные снэки из детской коробки", - пишет она. 

Она объясняет, что раньше, когда позволяла себе лишнего, то сдавалась и погружалась в "море неправильного питания". Теперь же, если она и съедает что-то не полезное, это не влияет на ее цель питаться правильно и продолжать заниматься физическими упражнениями. 


Let me tell you about my Food/diet/nutrition/healthy eating... whatever you want to call it. Most of you already know that I workout most days .. and that I do so at home. But I get lots of questions about how I eat because it's not something I talk about or photograph that often. . I know It's not what you want to hear but the reason I don't really talk about it .. is because there's nothing really to tell. I don't follow a plan, I don't count anything (not macros not calories) I don't try to cut out food groups or stop eating carbs after 5pm.. I dont do intermittent fasting or flexible dieting or even clean eating (anymore, I did for a while in the beginning) ... I still eat cake more days than not... I still drink prosecco I still can't seem to resist stealing snacks from the kids junk food cupboard. I still love a takeaway curry... eat pizza, burger and fries and love to eat sweets... The difference between the two pictures is NOT what those foods do to my body it's what those foods do to my head. 2 years ago eating sweets and takeaway and junk all day would send me into a downward spiral of feeling bad about myself. All that yummy food would actually fuel my EXCUSES to quit exercise, to not bother balancing the treats out with nutritious alternatives. Now these same foods (and my passion for them) fuel my AMBITION to condition my body. I know the difference between eating well and eating poorly... And if a day happens where I binge eat cake and a tub of butter .. I leave it at just that ... a day that happened. It doesn't de-rail my goals like it used to ... I don't see it as a reason to give up ... but a reason to continue ... I don't workout out of guilt - I workout to be GUILT FREE. Healthy bodies start with healthy minds. So balance the food books like the intelligent rational human being your are... eat what you love every now and then And what you NEED more often than not... and on those days when it all goes horribly wrong.. as it inevitably will... just remove your face from the tub of butter... replace the lid and continue on exactly as you were.. motivated, goal orientated and #healthyAF . Love Nikki xx #transformationtuesday

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Adanola new season mix and match ??SWIPE LEFT (swipe to the end to see my FAVOURITE combo)?? Now before I I start raving to you about how much I love @Adanola new season collection there's something important I want to make perfectly clear. At the moment there is a huge trend on IG to show how a normally 'pretty perfect' looking body can look bad in unflattering lighting, a bad angle or after a big meal. I don't do that and I probably won't ever do that. I have stretchmarks and loose skin on my stomach and my version of #bodypostivity comes from seeing how amazing my everyday FLAWED body can look ... some of you might think that because I workout and have abs that I could make any outfit look flattering... but truthfully when you have loose skin on your tummy and a waist band digs in... YOU CANNOT HIDE IT... no matter how much you flex or suck in... so if leggings don't fit me well I don't show you. It's that simple. I show you what I wear, that highlights how GOOD my body CAN look. Because that's what I'm actually wearing everyday.. because it helps me feel my best. While I'm super happy that I get to work with Adanola on posts like these, I'm even more happy that I'm showing you clothes and outfits that are genuinely flattering even on areas of my body that need a little TLC to look their best. High waisted leggings are literally my BEST FRIEND and these are some of the softest and most comfortable ones I have tried ... the mix and match tops mean there is a style and combo suitable for everyone.. the most supportive style (for higher impact or larger busts) being the black - the least supportive one better for yoga or smaller busts) being the ballet wrap. Add in Easy to wear colours with bum enhancing sweetheart seams means I'm pretty much in activewear heaven. My favourite combo is at the very end of the series.. but let me know which ones you would 'pick n mix' . As usual the lovely people at @adanola gave me a code to share with you so use ACTIVELYREES15 at checkout if you fancy a treat and let me know if u decide to buy xxx . #ootd #activewear #adanola #ad #pink #nude #teal #leggings #highwaisted #athleisure #fitspo #gymlooks #abs

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Как ранее сообщал "Обозреватель", жительница Лос-Анджелеса (США) Сара Гертс, несмотря на редкое кожное заболевание, которое подавляет способность организма вырабатывать коллаген, уверенно заявила о себе в качестве модели

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