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90-летняя модель сразила британцев своей внешностью: фото красотки

Британская 90-летняя модель Дафни Селф стала звездой глянцевых журналов и соцсетей. Внешность женщины обсуждают таблоиды из разных уголков мира.

Как пишет BBC, знаменитости даже вручат орден Британской империи за помощь пожилым людям, которые также осуществили свои мечты и реализовали себя в модельном бизнесе.

Fashion Police say NO I was perplexed at the criticism the UK fashion police gave leading actress Helen Mirren for wearing a back pack at the age of 73. The comment being this was too old. Backpacks long associated with school children and mountain climbers come in all guises these days. Aren’t they the most fabulous thing for carrying our stuff about for all ages and activities? I’d say even more particularly as we get older! It means our weight is kept central - not lopsided with heavy items hanging off one shoulder. With both hands free to steady ourselves if need be. Our posture is more aligned and our balance maintained better. Balance is something I’m finding harder these days and really a backpack is a godsend. What is not so good about a............to continue reading go HERE https://www.daphneselfe.com/fashion-police-say-no/ Including news of a rather different photoshoot that I am thrilled about! Watch Shetland Pony Creme Brulee's 1 minute starring role. Do you have a favourite backpack or do you have an objection and agree with the Fashion Police? I’d love to hear in the comments - - - #damehelenmirren #fashionpolicesayno #fashionpolice #toooldforbackpacks #ilovemybackpacks #shetlandponycremebrulee

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Модельную карьеру англичанка начала еще в 1949 году. В роли пожилой модели она выступила в возрасте 70 лет для журнала Vogue, после чего стала знаменита далеко за пределами своей страны. Помимо этого журнальная публикация произвела революцию в мире красоты: пожилых людей начали приглашать на съемки.

В ответ на вопросы о возрасте Дафни Селф утверждает, что не планирует уходить на пенсию, с 2015 года она руководит академией, в которой делится своим жизненным опытом не только с пенсионерами. Модель помогает и молодым перспективным коллегам.

Орден Британской империи, которым вскоре наградят знаменитость, был основан как военная награда в 1917 году. С 2012-го в честь бриллиантового юбилея королевы им стали награждать и гражданское население.

Are Aches and Pains Taking Over? Most of us sadly have or have encountered aches and pains as part of the rich tapestry of life. Last week I was happy to meet with a dear friend (who will remain nameless) who spent the whole conversation talking in minute detail about their particular aches and pains, much to my horror and nothing else. Of course, there is a time and place to speak about such things and it is always good to have a confidant or two with whom you can express your frustrations and all the important details. It's important to get things off your chest when you're feeling debilitated by your health and a body that is failing in some way and generally falling apart.We all have less than perfectly behaving bodies especially as the years build up - me, included but it's not what I want to focus on. I want to be distracted by good company that is full of positivity, beauty, art, and fun! I was going to say that there'll be.......to continue reading click or tap the link in my profile or copy and paste: https://www.daphneselfe.com/aches-and-pains/ What do you suggest? How do you keep yourself positive and stop slipping into poor habits?? Do let me know in the comments as I'd love to hear! - - #achesandpains #ageisjustanumber #ageingwell #zestforlife

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PLACE FOR YOU - When I started modelling in the 1950s, in my early twenties, modelling was rather similar to today with fashion, glamour and advertising being the norm. What was very different was the modelling types considered. A model tended to be of a very limited ‘look' within very defined parameters - of height, body shape, skin colour and age etc. - - From the 1950s to today there has been great change and diversity. Personally, I noticed a big change in the late 1990s when I was rediscovered at the age of 70. I was asked to do a catwalk show for designer Red or Dead for London Fashion Week. It was the first time an older model had been used for such a high profile show and it made a big impact. It certainly made a very big impact on my life and this ‘new lease of life’ has continued into my twentieth year modelling revival which is incredible! What I thought might be a fun 6 months, if I was lucky, has continued on and not stopped yet, I’m so happy to say. - - The idea that someone in their late eighties......to continue reading click or tap in my profile link or copy & paste:https://www.daphneselfe.com/modelling-types/ and see my new video too! - - What about you? What type of model could you be? Do let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear. - - Look out for my next Daphne News next week with more information on my modelling course the Daphne Selfe Academy. You can get on my VIP list by clicking or tapping in my profile link or copy & paste: https://www.daphneselfe.com/courses/academy/ and go to the purple VIP button. - - - - - #daphneselfe #rainmac #daphneselfeacademy #fashionmodelling #howtobecomeamodel #Iwanttobeamodel #model #modelling #ineedhelptobeamodel #timelessgrace #traintobeamodel #zestforlife #ageisjustanumber

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Читайте также на OBOZREVATEL об украинской 70-летней модели Галине Герасимовой. Женщина, украсившая множество глянцевых страниц, покорила сеть своей внешностью и рассказала о секретах красоты и успеха.

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