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Мама 7 детей смогла похудеть и стать интернет-моделью: опубликованы фото

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43-летняя Джессика Энслоу, которая родила 7 детей, личным примером доказывает, что никогда не поздно заняться собой.

Как сообщает The Daily Mail, женщина с гордостью демонстрирует в Instagram идеальный пресс и шикарную рельефную фигуру.

Американка боролась со своим лишним весом в течение многих лет после рождения своего первого ребенка в возрасте 20 лет, но, наконец, добилась тела своей мечты после похода в спортзал.

Родив свою первую дочь Алису, женщина набрала такое количество лишнего веса, что не смогла влезть в свои джинсы.

Джессика использовала фитнес-DVD, чтобы вернуться в форму после первых нескольких беременностей, но только в 2013 году, когда она родила своего седьмого ребенка, она начала стала ходить в спортзал и завела страничку в соцсети.

#tbt re-creation pic 1995 vs 2017 & SEVEN KIDS LATER || This girl, @alyssa_kimber was the first one to make me a mama! ☺️👧🏼 Now she’s pretty much my swolemate, if you can call only working out 2 days a week swole anything 😂🙈 but I have been able to stay fairly lean by taking my fave preworkout @warriorfuel_supps HERS Pink Burst {CODE JESSICAFIT} every morning with breakfast. It’s really helped me not lose too much progress during this time in my life by controlling my appetite and increasing my metabolism! 💗🌟 • • • • #throwbackthursday #bbgmom #mealprep #bbgcommunity #trainlikeagirl #utahfitness #utah #fitover30 #fitspo #fitness #bbgover30 #fitover40 #weightloss #bodyafterbaby #mombod #beforeandafter #stretchmarks #girlswhoworkout #fitnesstransformation #fitmom #fitmum #bbgbabe #bikinibody #warriorfuel #girlswithabs #pregnancy #postpartum #homeworkout #gymlife

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Whoever said a "pregnancy transformation" isn't a "REAL" transformation has probably never given birth🤷🏻‍♀️Not only does a woman's uterus stretch to 500 times it's pre-pregnancy size, then has to contract {often painfully} to shrink back down, but gaining weight to varying degrees usually comes with the territory too! I went HAM on eating my first pregnancy because I had NO IDEA my body would gain so much fat. I literally got home from the hospital and immediately put on my pre-pregnancy jeans only to find they wouldn't go any farther than mid-thigh 👌🏼This is when extreme fear 😳 & a little depression set in. 😭 It never occurred to me that my body wouldn't just bounce back in a New York minute. What have I learned about myself after giving birth seven times? 1. It's normal for your belly to feel like jello for awhile after birth. 2. I usually didn't feel like "myself" for about a year after giving birth 3. I always made it a priority to lose the "baby weight" before getting pregnant again 4. Every pregnancy is different for everyone. I felt very sick the first 3 months of each pregnancy, but this just made it too difficult to workout regularly & I ate All. The. Time. It was the only thing that actually seemed to help the nausea. I wasn't one of those "can't keep anything down" women; I was "what can I put down" to get rid of this horrible feeling in my gut? 😩 And it never totally helped, but it felt better than not eating, so I ate a lot. 5. Breastfeeding didn't help me lose weight. I personally dropped it faster once I quit. This may be different for everyone. 6. YES! You! ALL OF YOU that have given birth can be just as strong or stronger than before giving birth! Just stay consistent and if you fall off the wagon, just brush it off and get back at it as soon as you are able! 💪🏼😘 #flashbackfriday #bbgmom #mealprep #bbgcommunity #trainlikeagirl #utahfitness #utah #fitover30 #fitspo #fitness #bbgover30 #fitover40 #weightloss #bodyafterbaby #mombod #beforeandafter #girlswhoworkout #fitnesstransformation #fitmom #fitmum #bbgbabe #bikinibody #warriorfuel #girlswithabs #pregnancy #postpartum #homeworkout #gymlife #fbf

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FIVE RULES I've learned work best for my body to stay leaner without doing tons of cardio. 1. STOP eating when I'm SATISFIED not completely full. {I've done so much better at this than I used to!} 🙌🏼 It takes awhile for our brains to realize we are full, so eating slowly and making a conscious effort to stop when I feel satisfied has helped. 2. Make sure I'm eating plenty of protein at each meal, and make sure my carb sources aren't just empty calories, like soda or junk food. My go-to carbs are oatmeal, fruit and whole grain breads. 3. I keep snacking to a minimum. I may grab a bite or two of my kids white toast, fries or cereal, or have a few chocolate chips to satisfy my cravings, but if I am doing it because I'm hungry, that is where things can start to digress. I snack on jerky or protein chips if I truly need something to tie me over until my next meal. 4. I don't overindulge on cheat meals. Maybe once a week I'll have an appetizer and dessert, but I still always choose a healthier entree for my main course, like grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side or salmon. My metabolism just can't handle a burger, fries, milkshake, and dessert once or twice a week, unless I up my cardio and workout more! So during times like this, where I'm only making it into the gym about twice a week, I use my cheats on treats 🍩🍰🍪. 5. Taking my @warriorfuel_supps HERS #preworkout {code: jessicafit} every morning has seriously been a game changer for me. I know it helps control my appetite and increases my metabolism, but I still have to make sure I stick to the previous four things I've discovered more recently in my journey to keep the fat off! 💗

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This is my transformation after giving birth to my 7th baby, Eli. It really astounded me how many people felt comfortable basically saying he shouldn't have been born due to consuming dwindling resources of our world. We almost lost this child. He was very sick in the NICU for 2 weeks, & we loved and prayed for this amazing gift to survive. I never set out to have a tribe of children, but when I married my husband, he didn't have any kids and wanted to experience having children. He was amazing enough to take on the four I already had from my previous marriage & add the youngest three. We believe Eli came from God & have faith that God won't limit the resources to sustain His children. If you don't believe in God, I may believe differently than you, but I can still be your friend, I won't go and bash you on your page. We can all respect each other, and still have an opinion, but when it comes to your kids, that's not cool. They are here. I am so thankful for each one in my life. NOW! Onto fitness! Staying fit is a commitment. It is a constant process with exercise, but for me, more so with diet. It is a lifestyle and not a destination where once you've arrived you can pitch your tent ⛺️ & chill 🙅🏻 So what keeps me motivated? It's really just discipline, but taking progress pictures has by far been the biggest way in which I've been able to keep on track! 📸💁🏼 Happy weekend lovelies! ✌🏼♥️

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MY DIET & EXERCISE REGIMEN *** 🥗Diet: currently counting macros {ratio: F23 C29 P48} you can check a few posts back for a full day's diary 🏋🏼‍♀️Weight training: 6 days a week {Legs 2x, Shoulders 2x, Back 1x, Chest/bi/tri 1x} I often post individual exercises on my stories, although time constraints have limited me a bit more lately 😔 if only I had a gym buddy👯 🏃🏼Cardio: 5 days a week {HIIT: elliptical 20 mins, 90 sec moderate pace/30 sec sprints followed by 40+ minutes liss} I will be honest. This takes a LOT of time and dedication. Everyone is different. What is right for me with diet and exercise may or may not be right for you physically AND mentally. You have to find balance and what works for you. But I do think looking for ideas and inspo is great! That is how I started and what got me to where I am today. I tried one thing and then another and another until I learned quite a bit on my own before reaching out to a professional coach @shaneheugly to take me to the next level. I have not "arrived" and I don't believe that even exists. I am happy with my results. I am still very critical of myself. It's not something I'm proud of, but I am being real with you. I don't care how fit you are...It won't buy happiness. I am learning more and more that no amount of money, fitness, or any other skill or talent will bring complete and pure happiness. I personally believe that is more of a spiritual thing that resides within your soul than anything. 🙏🏻 And on that note, happiest of Thursdays to you all! The weekend is on the horizon! 🤗❤️ • #bikinicompetitor #ifbb #bikiniathlete #bbgmom #bikiniprep #bbgcommunity #girlswholift #utahfitfam #transformation #progress #fitover30 #fitspo #fitness #bbgover30 #fitover40 #weightloss #bodyafterbaby #mombod #beforeandafter #girlswholift #fitnesstransformation #fitmom #cardio #fitmum #bbgbabe #bikinibody #tbt #hiit #teamheugly #warriorfuel

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Женщина рассказывает, что была подавлена и недовольна собой. После многочисленных попыток она решила нанять себе тренера и уже за 4 месяца она увидела поразительный результат.

Другим матерям она советует начинать с малого, а затем добавить больше, как только они начнут появляться результаты.

Как ранее сообщал "Обозреватель", знаменитый тренер, занимающийся фигурами моделей Victoria`s Secret Майкл Блаунер рассказал о том, как нужно тренироваться чтобы лучше всего сжигать жир, накопленный в организме.

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